Affecting Change v. Getting Attention

It’s great that women are no longer silenced when they speak out about wrongs against them, particularly wrongs based in sexuality or discrimination. I’ve had women tell me of being laughed at by cops when attempting to report crimes in the past and it’s amazing times seem to FINALLY be changing. Women having a voice in wrongs against them is amazing.
The problem is the media. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it against: We need responsible journalism, not sensationalism journalism. As a specific example, last week the news media went crazy about accusations against James Franco. As you read about these accusations, a couple frustrating things become clear:
1) There doesn’t appear to be an actual crime described (just general asshole-ish behavior).
2) The accusations aren’t investigated by the “journalists” describing them.
If James Franco sexually assaulted women, by all means, throw him under the bus. But don’t report something like he did if you haven’t bothered to look into it. That’s a big part of [responsible] journalism.
The media needs to be focused on ACTUAL crimes (such as discrimination and assault), of which there are plenty. Otherwise, the public will begin to feel like this whole thing is a bunch of crying wolf. Then nothing will actually change and it’ll be Occupy Wall Street all over again.
We need change, not just blind, ignorant anger.
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What is the 2nd Amendment?

The 2nd Amendment is intended to allow the people to overthrow the government if it is unjust. I don’t get how an assault weapon ban could be considered constitutional when the basis for allowing guns is due to their efficacy at killing humans. The Bundy family is doing exactly what the 2nd Amendment is intended to allow: defying the government. Is that what supporters of second amendment rights want to do with their guns?

Considering how easily the FBI is able to overpower defiance without even utilizing the ACTUAL military, I think it’s time to admit the 2nd Amendment is outdated. If we ever want to overthrow our government, it won’t be with violence or military force. Look at worked in the 1960’s. It will be done with peaceful means.

Does anyone have any reasonable justification for the 2nd Amendment?

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Merchant of Time

I had a daydream where I found a genie and asked for the power to control time. Somewhat to my surprise, I was granted that power.

The first thing I did was stop time to get a good night’s sleep. Then I got ready to do my grades and decided to travel back in time first. I thought about stopping 9/11–not the planes, just getting the people out of the buildings before they hit. Then I imagined going back to 2013 where I began and realized my daughter wasn’t there because it was a different world 13 years later that never had two costly wars. Even if my wife and I still would have married, we would have had a different baby. I could not create a world without my Venus. Even if I changed nothing or went back and undid my change, would the same random events have the same random outcomes?

How would the rules for this time travel work? If I change things so that I never found that genie, would I break timespace? It’s not a continuum…at least not how Doc Brown described it. I had a professor that said the new Star Trek movies could still get back to the original timeline. If that’s the case, then it necessitates that time not be linear, it would have to have at least two dimensions and that introduces a two-dimensional repercussions that make changing it frightening. The effects of my work would be imperceptible to others that I don’t drag along on my journey. If Time and Space are both part of Timespace (like electromagnetism?), then do I have power over both, making me omnipotent? Or am I like a person that had a bad stroke and can only move one leg? Magneto can create magnetic fields, yet he can’t shoot lightning bolts. Maybe I should ask a physics major some of these questions.

To be the Master of Time, I would have a power beyond my comprehension, unless I somehow innately would come to understand the true nature of time. That is unlikely considering that humans do not innately understand the intricate workings of their own bodies. It’s like having Homer Simpson run your nuclear power plant–waiting for disaster. The power would effectively make me a God, not Jehovah, more limited like Zeus, but still beyond man. Yet ironically, I don’t think it would allow me to stop aging to my own death–unless future humans cure aging and shared it with me.

To have such a power, I would lose my humanity. My workings would be greater than any human life could contain. A single person would become insignificant and, eventually, the person I was would too. When there is no humanity left in me, the reasons to exist would continue to dwindle. At what point would exploring an infinite and instantly changeable and randomly replaceable galaxy cease to matter? To have this power would make the power itself irrelevant. It is at this point it seemed to me that any actual omnipotent and omniscient god could not be sentient, or he would squander himself into irrelevancy. And a non-sentient god becomes merely the natural laws of the universe (forces, energy, matter, etc.). Of course the saving grace of Jehovah is that he is beyond my comprehension so any assumption along these lines is too presumptuous to be relevant.

If I had power over time, I would either become nearly catatonic in fear and contemplation of the infinite possibilities or I would continue as if I did not have the power at all, which might be too great of a waste to choose. I don’t see where anything other than a downward spiral of depression could occur unless I made a mistake and got myself killed.

This concept really only would work if there was a limit to how much I could use it–like how using the Butterfly Effect made Ashton’s brain bleed. I can’t see where being a god with much power would actually be that enjoyable. The ideal level of power might be what the characters in Chronicle possessed.

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Introduction – The Responsibilities of Patriotic Citizens

Introduction – The Responsibilities of Patriotic Citizens

“Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”

– Winston Churchill

Two-Hundred and Thirty-some odd years ago, our founding fathers forged a great document to outline the government of the United States of America. In their infinite wisdom, they constructed a system of government to withstand the test of time. Our founders considered all possibilities and developed articles allowing for this framework to address all scenarios the future may bring. And after the completion of this document, all original 13 states united under the Articles of Confederation.

As it turned out, our brilliant forefathers were not infallible. Their redemption was their ability to recognize and rectify their errors. The Articles of Confederation were fatally flawed and our fledgeling nation lacked the potency to govern effectively. It took less than 10 years for the flaws inherent in these Articles to gain universal recognition.

Two-Hundred and Twenty-some odd years ago, our founding fathers forged a great document to outline the government of the United States of America. In their infinite wisdom, they constructed a system of government to withstand the test of time. Our founders considered all possibilities and developed articles allowing for this framework to address all scenarios the future may bring. And after the completion of this document, all original 13 states united under the United States Constitution.

Does this sound familiar? This is the rhetoric drummed by certain politicians nowadays. As it turns out, our brilliant forefathers were not infallible. The United States Constitution is flawed and creates a system where politicians constantly struggle for power, effectively rendering our government incapable of functioning. It took less than 10 years for the flaws in the Articles of Confederation to gain universal recognition. How long will it take for the fatal flaws inherent in the U.S. constitution to gain recognition? Let us follow in the footsteps of our forefathers and find our redemption by rectifying past errors.

Let me be very clear, the United States Constitution is an excellent framework for government. Compared to contemporary governments of the late 18th century, it is without rival in terms of capabilities and effective representation of the populace. The problem lies in the fact that very few 18th century governments remain in their original archaic form. The United States Constitution  deserves credit for being an important part of the framework for all modern democracies. But the extent to which our beloved constitution has been consulted or referenced demonstrates its age. And there are two inescapable facts about the oldest way to do something:

1) It is, at least moderately, functional.

2) It is not the best way to do something.

If you don’t believe me that newer is better if you work at it, then try driving a model T, using 56K Internet, getting rid of your indoor plumbing, or launching a satellite with Aristotle’s explanation of Physics. This is America—land of innovation. We do not need to use someone else’s “better” government. But we do need to create our own better government. The best form of government does not yet exist, but when did the home of the brave become afraid to pursue the best that’s out there? The land of the free? The home of the brave? Let’s make those words mean something!

If we want to be free—We, The People, must pursue and protect that freedom. If we want to sing our national anthem, then we better get braver. We cannot allow fear to control us and hinder future improvement of our great nation.

If you think American politics is more about popularity than governing, if you think the two parties fighting detracts from functionality, if you think “reaching across the aisle” shouldn’t exist as an issue, if you think not every American is effectively represented as a “Republican” or “Democrat”, or if you think that the government is not perfect and you can think of a way to improve it, please just read a little bit longer. If you blindly think everything about our governmental system is perfect and are too afraid to imagine ways to improve it, then I’m surprised you read this far and you will find nothing useful in continuing to read.

We look at Egypt and we celebrate saying, “Great for them! Go Freedom!” We look at Libya and we cheer, “Down with Kadafi!” What about America? We are under the rule of over 150 years of bi-partisan dictatorship! No new party can take power because these dictators have made it illegal to have opposition. Worse yet, these leaders are immortal. This is not the world I want my children to grow up in. I, personally, am tired of waiting for someone else to fix the world. If you agree with any of my ideas or, better yet, have different ideas to improve our government, I implore you to follow my facebook page and discuss these ideas and how to take action.

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Chapter 1 – The Final Check

Chapter 1 – The Final Check

Democracy is broken. We the People of the United States, must fix it.

In school they teach you about how amazing and perfect the United States is. Maybe they bring up this issue we used to have called “slavery”, but we completely fixed that long ago. They indoctrinate you with lessons on checks and balances–telling you how the system prevents any one body from having too much power. But now two entities are locked in an epic endless battle for power. What they do not ingrain in your mind in school is an explanation of the final check on power.
We the People are the final check on power. Roughly 50 years ago, we exercised that power and it brought positive sweeping changes across our nation. We made tremendous leaps in equality and civil rights. But now, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance, We lay dormant. Are we too fat and happy to demand change when it matters? Probably. The Daily Show was able to organize a massive undirected rally in Washington in 2010. What could happen with a million people with a purpose?
Something the Daily Show’s Rally to Restore Sanity brought to light was the fact that a permit to assemble is required. This fact passed uneventfully through a broadcast when, in fact, it should resonate much deeper. How is this possible? The Power to Assemble, even in a public space, rests with The People. This right is guaranteed to us in the First Amendment. The government has no legal right to regulate a peaceful demonstration. Take that to the Supreme Court if you want.
I said Democracy is broken, but if I don’t provide a solution then I’m no better than a filibustering representative–which is another issue I will soon address. We NEED a new Constitutional Amendment. Congressional representatives must be assigned for each party’s portion of the registered voters. Then there cannot be vying for power to the ridiculous extent it has reached because each person can choose their party based on their views. No, this won’t fix everything overnight–but it will break the thorough dictatorship held by the Republican and Democrat parties. With this system, voters would vote for representatives within their registered party only. This is not the only point I wish to make, but it is the most important one.
Right now the Tea Party movement is stifled by its tether to the Republican Party. At the turn of the Century, the Green Party lost most of its steam after the Presidential Election debacle of 2000. I do not agree with every view to the far right or far left, but these voices deserve to be heard on a National stage with voices proportional to how they represent the public.  Moderate views are usually the right views, but a lot of great ideas are crushed with strict adhesion to moderate politics.
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Chapter 2 – I Had a Dream

Chapter 2 – I Had a Dream

I ran for Public Office to make a difference

How many public servants ran for office because they wanted to make a difference? How many of them simply passionately wanted to help the world change for the better? Aside from maybe ten percent pressured by their families to maintain status–I assure you the rest had dreams of a brighter tomorrow. How many of these dreams were crushed? How many dreams fell by the wayside once they got to office and realized that it wasn’t about making a difference? It was about wresting power from the other party so that once, every couple of years, one of the parties’ agendas could pass. The focus of Congress has gone from governing to gaining power for the party and I refuse to believe that this is the best we can do.

As Jim Morrison once said, “The time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire…come on baby light my fire.” NOW is the time to light that fire. NOW is the time for action.

To be continued…

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Technological Singularity indicates either a bleak or stagnant future

Does anyone know how to talk to Ray Kurzweil? He doesn’t seem to be on Twitter or facebook and his website doesn’t let me email him.

I’m mostly just curious if he thinks that NOW is real. What’s more likely: that we are living in the last generation of the human world (because it’s the computer’s world once they start thinking for us/on their own) or that we’re a game or simulation of humans living in the last human generation, the most important generation of all human history?

Really, what are the chances that we are ACTUALLY getting to be alive at the moment when everything changes: From no computers in the household to computers being all that matters?

Of course, for this to be a simulation, that would require either:
1) Humans to still be around in the future, even in some augmented form.
2) The computers of the future believing that we, humans, are relevant. Would they recognize relevance of their creators? Would they preserve our existence in some form of memory/simulation?

If 1) or 2) is not satisfied, the future also holds a third possibility:
3) If computers will eventually find it necessary to wipe out humans and look back with no conscience, remorse, or appreciation, then we truly are real right now and not a simulation.

#3 also requires that infinity theory inserted in the probability of whether “NOW” is real or one of infinite simulations (requiring #1 or #2 above to be satisfied) means that “NOW” is either:
1) One of infinite simulations, irrelevant on the whole, but essential to MY [selfish] existence.
2) The only REAL time humans achieve technological singularity because we are wiped out soon after.

So either the world is fake. Or humanity ends with singularity sometime kind of soon.

There’s a 3rd possibility: That singularity and AI cannot be achieved within the lifespan of the current generation–meaning that we’re so irrelevant that we must be real because nobody plays a video game as the inconsequential characters.

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I am a Patriot. I care deeply about America and the principles our nation was founded on. That is why it is so difficult to see America proceeding on its current path. Some may accuse me of hating America because I care enough to point out our mistakes. I ask those people, “Does telling your child that something they did was wrong mean you hate them?” Of course not, it means you care enough to let them know when they make a big mistake. Do you care enough to keep America on the right path?

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A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

I’d like to fix the world, but I don’t know how. Egypt and Libya gave Americans some ideas. I guess this Occupy Wall Street movement is the best thing in that direction. Speaking of direction though, this movement needs one desperately. A bunch of angry people just cause chaos and some stuff worth watching on TV (See: Rally to Restore Sanity). A bunch of angry people with a defined purpose can actually accomplish something (See: Tahrir Square).

I’ve got a defined purpose and I’ll probably be the only one that hears it: All of the United States House of Representatives must step down. Not one member, not the newly elected members–ALL of them. The House has lost its legitimacy to rule by proving they are more concerned with money and power than governing.

Then we write new rules for that section of government in a fashion that allows them to be functional–it must include steps to break the bipartisan system into something with significantly more parties–and we elect a new house.


A House divided against itself cannot stand–so let’s take the house down–and build a new one.

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