Chapter 1 – The Final Check

Chapter 1 – The Final Check

Democracy is broken. We the People of the United States, must fix it.

In school they teach you about how amazing and perfect the United States is. Maybe they bring up this issue we used to have called “slavery”, but we completely fixed that long ago. They indoctrinate you with lessons on checks and balances–telling you how the system prevents any one body from having too much power. But now two entities are locked in an epic endless battle for power. What they do not ingrain in your mind in school is an explanation of the final check on power.
We the People are the final check on power. Roughly 50 years ago, we exercised that power and it brought positive sweeping changes across our nation. We made tremendous leaps in equality and civil rights. But now, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance, We lay dormant. Are we too fat and happy to demand change when it matters? Probably. The Daily Show was able to organize a massive undirected rally in Washington in 2010. What could happen with a million people with a purpose?
Something the Daily Show’s Rally to Restore Sanity brought to light was the fact that a permit to assemble is required. This fact passed uneventfully through a broadcast when, in fact, it should resonate much deeper. How is this possible? The Power to Assemble, even in a public space, rests with The People. This right is guaranteed to us in the First Amendment. The government has no legal right to regulate a peaceful demonstration. Take that to the Supreme Court if you want.
I said Democracy is broken, but if I don’t provide a solution then I’m no better than a filibustering representative–which is another issue I will soon address. We NEED a new Constitutional Amendment. Congressional representatives must be assigned for each party’s portion of the registered voters. Then there cannot be vying for power to the ridiculous extent it has reached because each person can choose their party based on their views. No, this won’t fix everything overnight–but it will break the thorough dictatorship held by the Republican and Democrat parties. With this system, voters would vote for representatives within their registered party only. This is not the only point I wish to make, but it is the most important one.
Right now the Tea Party movement is stifled by its tether to the Republican Party. At the turn of the Century, the Green Party lost most of its steam after the Presidential Election debacle of 2000. I do not agree with every view to the far right or far left, but these voices deserve to be heard on a National stage with voices proportional to how they represent the public.  Moderate views are usually the right views, but a lot of great ideas are crushed with strict adhesion to moderate politics.
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