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Technological Singularity indicates either a bleak or stagnant future

Does anyone know how to talk to Ray Kurzweil? He doesn’t seem to be on Twitter or facebook and his website doesn’t let me email him.

I’m mostly just curious if he thinks that NOW is real. What’s more likely: that we are living in the last generation of the human world (because it’s the computer’s world once they start thinking for us/on their own) or that we’re a game or simulation of humans living in the last human generation, the most important generation of all human history?

Really, what are the chances that we are ACTUALLY getting to be alive at the moment when everything changes: From no computers in the household to computers being all that matters?

Of course, for this to be a simulation, that would require either:
1) Humans to still be around in the future, even in some augmented form.
2) The computers of the future believing that we, humans, are relevant. Would they recognize relevance of their creators? Would they preserve our existence in some form of memory/simulation?

If 1) or 2) is not satisfied, the future also holds a third possibility:
3) If computers will eventually find it necessary to wipe out humans and look back with no conscience, remorse, or appreciation, then we truly are real right now and not a simulation.

#3 also requires that infinity theory inserted in the probability of whether “NOW” is real or one of infinite simulations (requiring #1 or #2 above to be satisfied) means that “NOW” is either:
1) One of infinite simulations, irrelevant on the whole, but essential to MY [selfish] existence.
2) The only REAL time humans achieve technological singularity because we are wiped out soon after.

So either the world is fake. Or humanity ends with singularity sometime kind of soon.

There’s a 3rd possibility: That singularity and AI cannot be achieved within the lifespan of the current generation–meaning that we’re so irrelevant that we must be real because nobody plays a video game as the inconsequential characters.

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