A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

I’d like to fix the world, but I don’t know how. Egypt and Libya gave Americans some ideas. I guess this Occupy Wall Street movement is the best thing in that direction. Speaking of direction though, this movement needs one desperately. A bunch of angry people just cause chaos and some stuff worth watching on TV (See: Rally to Restore Sanity). A bunch of angry people with a defined purpose can actually accomplish something (See: Tahrir Square).

I’ve got a defined purpose and I’ll probably be the only one that hears it: All of the United States House of Representatives must step down. Not one member, not the newly elected members–ALL of them. The House has lost its legitimacy to rule by proving they are more concerned with money and power than governing.

Then we write new rules for that section of government in a fashion that allows them to be functional–it must include steps to break the bipartisan system into something with significantly more parties–and we elect a new house.


A House divided against itself cannot stand–so let’s take the house down–and build a new one.

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